Lycée du Bourget Microlycée 93
Lycée du Bourget                             Microlycée 93

Quelques poèmes en anglais des classes de 2nd1, 2nd3, et 2nd4

"I am" Poems


Who am I?


I'm not a fashion victim,
Neither a brat nor an angel,
I can be really weird, sometimes
I am kind of creepy and crazy,
But I can be really nice, so,

Who am I?

I look like a normal girl
But I am kind of special,
My friends always tell me I am a psychopath,
But they love me anyway
And with them, I can be

Who I am.


Ghofran, 201.



I'm not what you think I am

I am a little girl
I hate spinach
I'm rarely honest
Because I hide something
I'm not what you think I am

I am simply a girl
Who likes life
Who likes her friends
And her personnality
I'm not what you think I am

I am not discreet
Just crazy
I am imaginative
But not intelligent
I'm not what you think I am

What is your problem?
I like my life just the way it is
But, it is complicated
I am just me
And I will never change

Marie A., 201.


Nobody really knows me


I'm happy and I like to enjoy life

I'm quiet in class but outside I'm talkative

I like singing, dancing and drawing

Nobody really knows me


I'm lazy and at the same time hyperactive

I like sleeping until noon and

I like going to bed very late at weekend

Nobody really knows me


I don't care about fashion, I create my own style

I'm crazy about clothes and makeup

I'm a real girl and I'm proud

Nobody really knows me


If you're nice to me, I will become you're friend

If you're bad, I will ignore you

My personality is who I am 

And nobody really knows me


Marina, 204.




I am Shy but Crazy 


I am shy in class

But crazy with my friends.

I am calm and not very sociable.

I am discreet.


I like dancing like a fool

And singing when I am alone

I don't like perfectionist persons.

I am not perfect but reliable.


I can't stand persons who show off.

Sometimes I laugh alone .

Yes sometimes I am weird.

I am shy and crazy 


Busra, 204



Just Be Myself


Just be myself

A modern princess

Orderly and perfectionist

Laziness is not for me


Just be myself

I will never want to be someone else

Have my own personality

So I stay different from others

Make me proud and happy


Just be myself

Sympathetic and trustworthy

I’m sincere and loyal

Discreet but sometimes crazy


Just be myself

My quote is « A true princess can do everything »

So don’t be lazy but hardworking

Cause you will never get something

If you don’t work for it.


Océane, 202.



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